Peculiar Pelican

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I felt the wind blowing through my hair while the last sun rays of the day laid an orange colour upon the city. My hand was cold and wet, holding an Aguila (the local beer), as I was enjoying another beautiful sunset. A cartagenero, and friend, pointed our attention towards a Pelican flying over. With his wings widely spread, he was softly sailing on the breeze, crossing the see, over the city. And while the pelican flew by, he said:

“I wish I were a Pelican, these birds are genius. Just chilling and flying. Siempre todo bien.”

He’s right. There is something about this bird’s attitude. He never seems to be in a hurry. Sometimes he’s on his way with the whole squad, other times he is just relaxing on a low tree branch, or slowly circling above the water to spot a fish and then diving vertically into the sea to catch it. Always confident and laid-back.

But when he is flying solo, wings stretched out, not even fluttering yet soaring through the orange sky, watching people enjoying the sunset and drinking beers to celebrate the weekend, the Pelican is at his best.

And if I think about it, Cartageneros and Pelicans actually do resemble one another. These Cartageneros are also at their best when they are enjoying the sun and the breeze. Always easygoing, always happy.

I too feel more and more like a pelican, and I will show you my views of wherever the wind takes me, through these pelican stories.

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I am passionate about writing, connection (not wifi, the human one), discovering life to its full glory, and dancing my ass off to Champeta beats.

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