Ciudad Perdida – A tale of sweat and glory (Chapter 4)

This modern fairytale tells you the story of 2 Belgian wannabe explorers on their first quest for a lost city. Will they find it? Will they make it?
- Written, edited, and published by LVS and CC

Chapter 4: The last Crusade

– Ft. Christiana Jones and Laura Croft

After a sick night and hardly a breakfast, Laura Croft, properly rinsed inside and out, prepared herself with a tiny heart, for the return to civilization. But it was Christiana who feared this last 6h hike the most. His little legs were tired and his small shoulders sore. Even though Laura offered to carry the bigger backpack, he wouldn’t let her. Because he’s a strong man, an adventurer, and a pusher! Or he was just scared that she would discover that the big backpack didn’t weigh that much more than the smaller one, given that they only took the clothes they had on them (seriously what is even in the backpack?), and he wouldn’t have any excuse left for being so slow (not kidding, the slowest of the whole bloody group!).

The morning sky on the last day promised a b-e-a-utiful hike!

After three days in the jungle, completely disconnected from modern society, even the toughest of adventurers start missing some of modern society’s luxuries like hot showers or clean clothes. For Laura Croft and Christiana Jones, who could hardly stand each other’s smell and presence by now, it was time to head home. Croft picked up her tiny backpack (including just one camera and an almost empty can of mosquito spray), Jones strapped on his 200kg backpack and they set off for the final hike. The same hills they had crossed before seemed steeper, the same paths they had walked before seemed muddier, the same Laura Croft they had known before seemed smellier, but they pushed through!

Christiana, showing off his slightly bigger backpack and how it added to his leg and butt muscles

As they began their last hike together, very soon Christiana fell behind, again. It wasn’t until Laura discovered some monkeys and parrots, where she stopped to play with them for an hour or so, that he caught up with her. They met again at the final fruit break after which they completed the last part happily together ever after.

The last two hours of the hike, our two heroes walked together up and down the mountain, hand in hand, singing, posing for pictures, taking selfies and thinking about all the hashtags they would spread over the social media once they got back. When they finally arrived at the final village they were welcomed by the rest of the expedition team with cheers and applause! They had found the Lost City and although they were too late to raid any tombs, they returned very satisfied and relatively unharmed. On the very end of their adventure, Christiana Jones decided to make a statement against modern society and show his sympathy for the traditional lives of the remaining indigenous people, by throwing his smart phone on the street and breaking it beyond use.

It had been a trip with ups and downs, both geographically and emotionally. No sweat no glory they say, and if the first is an indication of the latter it had been a glorious undertaking, rarely seen before. Laura and Christiana became even better friends and are ready to embark on their next adventure:  ‘Croft and Jones: Raiders of the lost Phone Repair Shop.'


————————————The End —————————————

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