Little Happy Moments: Winter in Cartagena


Last weekend hurricane Matthew passed through Cartagena. Friday the sea became wild and the red flag was raised meaning no one was allowed to swim for the whole weekend. Terrible for the Cartageneros, who were also suffering from the ‘Ley seca’ which was a temporary law that forbade selling alcohol from Saturday 6pm until Monday 6am, in anticipation of  the voting on the Peace Treaty. On top of that all, they almost couldn’t leave their houses due to the heavy rains and wind, because the streets were flooded.

And I.. I loved it! During the day temperatures dropped to 25° Celcius, I was even a little cold at night. We had to close the windows because of the rain and the wind. It was so cosy!
Felt like we were living the Belgian Autumn (which we’re missing) in Cartagena.. Call us crazy I know.. ❤


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