The travel effect


Where sky and Earth meet, and sea and desert coincide, where life is reduced to its essence, yin and yang, ones and zeros, masculine and feminine, and everything is equally valued… harmony arises, and synergy will thrive.

This picture was taken close to Cabo de la Vela, a small fishing village in the north of Colombia. To me, it captures the mesmerizing effect of nature’s untouched beauty; The growing feeling of potential, possibilities, creation, synergy,.. Because where there’s space, change becomes possible.

While traveling to the north of Colombia I met some other travelers. Some are traveling to experience new cultures and incredible views, others are traveling to flee their complex life. And there is a third group of people who are lost in life, have quit their jobs and hoping to find whatever they are looking for while traveling. I don’t know how it used to be ‘back in the days’, but I have the feeling that this third group of travelers is increasing rapidly. And this made me think why. I guess in a world with so many options, some people just get lost. And to me that is not surprising.

People do what they think they should do, then get caught up in life, trying to be busy all the time. Because being busy stands for being important and successful, or not? Then, they find themselves somewhere in their twenties or thirties, having little space and time left for themselves, and realizing that what they are doing is often what society expects of them, and not what they really want. So, they start questioning what they’ve already accomplished, and start asking the big question ‘What do I want to do in my life?’. When the answer to this question is not immediately found, they see themselves left with two options; start traveling in the hope that they will return wiser and with a goal in life. Or just continue doing what they’re doing..

I know, not all people experience this. And I envy the people who don’t think about life that much and just do instead, follow their gut feeling, and see how things work out. I know this because I live with someone like that. I, on the other hand, I am more of a thinker. I sometimes have to push myself to make choices and just do. So you could say we are a perfectly balanced couple; I teach him the importance of ‘air’, and he teaches me to stop doubting and make choices. 😉

These travelers I met go after this shortage of ‘psychological air’ (as Stephen Covey calls it) in a very literal manner. By changing environments, being left to themselves, and go back to basics, the air returns, and there’s space for change. For me, this is the travel effect.

Now I better understand why vacations are so uplifting, I’m trying to recreate this feeling when being back home. Because it just doesn’t make sense that we only feel this way once or twice a year. I want space and air every single day. How I do it? I moved to Colombia! No, just kidding 🙂

If I manage to do this, I’ll let you know.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to share!


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