Quote of the week – 9 Nov


Okay, honestly.. It is not a good day. Even before I was awake I already felt it.. Fear. Mathias was lying next to me and said “Oh my god.. no.. Trump is president”. So before I was well and awake, his words soaked through and my body turned into defense mode, just unconsciously smelling the fear of what possibly could go wrong in the upcoming 4 years, of how crazy people now might get thinking it is okay to say and do anything like grab women by the pussy.. IT IS NOT A GOOD DAY. I felt I just lost all faith in Humanity. But after a while, I realized I just lost faith in the Americans.. That’s less awful, I guess.. And then I started to feel sorry for the Americans.. How fucked up is your country if your people choose a president that has no human values and principles whatsoever?

And after few hours of mourning, I decided that this man would NOT ruin the rest of my day. I refuse. And I started thinking that, whenever something horrible happens, from the other side of the corner good things happen. I really hope that people will step up and go fighting even harder for equality, freedom, diversity, climate change, woman rights..

So yes, I will turn this really bad day into a good one. Because I have to. Because I want to. I love life, so I will keep doing what I do. Live my life based on my values and principles (the human ones).. and hope that others keep doing it too and not get influenced by this clown. Because, when they go low.. we go high! Seriously, #MichelleForPresident 2020!

My prayers go out to the Americans.

Mucha fuerza,

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I am passionate about writing, connection (not wifi, the human one), discovering life to its full glory, and dancing my ass off to Champeta beats.

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