Did you know…

Did you know that…

– In the week of 11 November Cartagena celebrates its independency, since 1811 (after 275 years of Spanish rulers).
– They are so happy about their independence that they celebrate for 4 days and not just one.
– In that week not only the independence of Cartagena is celebrated but also the election of Miss Colombia, which obviously also takes place in Cartagena.
– This means you can find beauty parades everyday in different barrios of the town. BUT,
– This year it was decided that the election of Miss Colombia will take place in March 2017 because of Miss Universe election that needs to come first.
– The Colombians love female beauty and they love celebrating (really, the more the better). So the celebration of female beauty (aka Miss Colombia) is one of the most important events of the year. So,
– The Cartageneros where very disappointed to hear about this change in celebration.
– But they still have beauty parades and a Miss Independencia to celebrate this week, so they are okay.
– These independency parties can be compared to Belgium’s Gentse Feesten, in the sense that you know upfront it is going to be crazy and you’ll wear your well-worn clothes because it is going to get dirty.


I am very excited to be a part of this! Yesterday I was on my way to the yoga class and was surprised by a big parade of the college kids of Cartagena. They were all dressed up in the most vibrant colors and clothes and they were throwing powder paint and spraying foam on each other. I wonder how crazy it will get this weekend! I am not sure yet if I will be able to capture these fiestas on camera, because they say it’s better to just not take anything with you as there is a good chance you will either lose it or it will get stolen. We’ll see how it goes!!


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