Quote Of The Week – 15 nov

Another week, another quote..


I was on the phone with my sister the other day.. she was driving home from work and was stuck in a traffic jam. Suddenly she started laughing and said.. “Aah so funny, the lady in the car next to me is going loco singing and dancing in her car!” I said that’s awesome.. remembering how I used to be when I was alone in my car.

It’s strange but it’s true.. I miss driving to work and back. I worked near Ghent. So one hour up, one hour back. Okay you’re right, more 1,5 if I had the occasional traffic jam in front of the Kennedytunnel. And yet..

I miss that hour in the morning. Just me, my coffee, a sunrise (or just plain rain), Siska Schoeters and Stijn Van de Voorde. It was my perfect morning routine. Arriving at work all zen and stuff..
And boy do I miss that hour in the evening. When the working day was done.. whether it was Studio Brussel on the radio or my own playlist.. the party was on! I would be the girl in the car next to my sister.. singing and dancing like I just didn’t care! Heaven!

Here, it’s different.. We don’t have a car in Cartagena, nor am I really tempted to go and drive here as they are CRRAAAIIIZZAAH (crazy). Wouldn’t really be relaxing either I think. And although there are some taxi drivers that do party in their car like they don’t care.. It’s just not the same and most of the time it’s really awkward, especially if I join them.

But.. these people.. man.. They don’t need a car to dance like they don’t care.

Side note: Well actually, sometimes they do as they all have these woofer installations in the back of the car and then go driving to the beach side where they pull over randomly and open the trunk and front doors and blast their music into our nice and quiet neighborhood. And then they just stand around the car, singing and dancing.. And when another car passes by with the same intentions.. he pulls over next to it, opens his trunk and doors as well and joins the party (or sometimes when they play different music, it’s more like a who-has-the-best-party-contest aka loudest music installation). So now they are blocking the entire street like nobody is allowed to pass anymore and the only thing you can do is pull over too and join the party.

But what I meant to say is that these people do know how to party. Give them just the slightest opportunity and they’re already partying (like a birthday, a victory of a totally non-important football game, a holiday, etc). And the best thing about their parties is that partying here is equal to dancing. Which means I don’t need a car to dance like I don’t care. Because at every party here, it is just totally encouraged to dance like you don’t care. The more, the better! And people are not even staring.. It’s like nobody cares.. what a liberating feeling!!

So, if you might ever see me at a party back in Belgium (or anywhere else), I already apologize for dancing like I don’t care..

Or not, it’s freakin’ awesome!


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I am passionate about writing, connection (not wifi, the human one), discovering life to its full glory, and dancing my ass off to Champeta beats.

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