Fiestas de independencia

So in the week of 11 november, Cartagena celebrated its independency, remember?

Of course, we had to check this out..
The Cartageneros say that this year was a rather weak edition as the Misses from around the country didn’t come to Cartagena because the election of Miss Colombia didn’t take place. And no ‘Reinas’ (Queens) = no visitors. Luckily each neighborhood of Cartagena has its own Reina so there were still more than enough people to come and watch the parades or just spray foam in random people’s faces.

We, on the other hand, didn’t mind this ‘weaker’ edition as we felt there were more than enough people in the streets to create some chaos.. Especially when Mathias his Iphone got stolen but then recaptured! Pfiuw!

Here some pictures to give you an idea:


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