Why you should stop asking yourself what you’re good at

Come on, admit it!
You’ve already googled “What am I good at?” or “What are my skills?”.

Maybe it was when you were putting together your cv, or preparing for a job interview.  Or maybe because you are wondering what else you could do besides your current job. Maybe you have been secretly thinking about doing something completely different. But you don’t know what, because you don’t know what you’re good at. 

Well, I am here to tell that you’ve been asking yourself the wrong question.

What you’re good at is not necessarily what your strength is. And if it’s not your strengths, then you better not make a job out of it.

All the time we have been asking ourselves the wrong question “What is it that I am good at?”. Personally, I thought I needed to know identify which career I should chase. But when I think of the things I am good at, I don’t feel the butterflies to go an make a job out of it. FYI, I am already doing a job I am good at, what else are these people paying me for otherwise?!

So, A strength is not what you’re good at?
Nope, if you want to talk about the things you’re good at, then we’d be talking about your skills. You know, the things you’ve learned along the way. The things you put on your cv.

A strength is something that STRENGTHENS YOU. Something that engages you, that gives you energy.

Praise the lord!! Everything makes sense now.

You can be very good at something that doesn’t strengthen you as a person. That doesn’t give you energy. Let me give you a personal example. I am good at taking complicated information, process it, and present it in a clear way. But is this a strength? Does it STRENGTHEN me? Is this what gives me energy? Not reeaaally.

What strengthens me is interacting and collaborating with people. Or creating content that people can relate to. Or spreading positive energy.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you want to have a thriving career, you’d better start focusing on your strengths. Take your strengths and use them as much as possible. Develop them further and further. Choose a job in which you can apply your strengths, aka a job that will fill you with energy every-single-day.

The result? A career that fulfills you!

If you are not sure what your strengths are, then drop a line or contact me through Instagram @laura.vansteen and I will send you some tips on how to identify your strengths.

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