10 lessons I’ve learned living abroad

Photo by Fabián Álvarez

Hi there!

I know. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other here. I’ve mostly been hanging out on Instagram lately. But I love writing, and since I miss sharing with you, I decided to bring this blog back to life.

But before we dive in, I have to make a confession. Since I’ve had the full immersion in Spanish the past 3 years, my left brain got all tangled up, trying to manage 3 languages on a daily basis. Conclusion: my English sounds a bit broken and I often mix up words, even when written down. I will make sure to proof-read everything carefully but hey, if I make a mistake, just let me know, and I’ll correct it. Thank you!

I've learned 10 big lessons by living in Colombia for 3 years.

Actually, I am pretty sure I’ve learned more than 10 lessons. But for now, 10 is a good start. Moving abroad has its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe you’ve already lived abroad (and you will agree with me), or maybe you are still dreaming of living abroad one day (and you want to know what you’re up for).
One thing is sure, I can 100% recommend it.. I would never have learned these lessons in such a short amount of time if I would have stayed exactly where I was three years ago.

  1. You will not discover what you want to do with your life by moving abroad
    Sorry to break it to you. But it’s true. But I did learn how to discover what I want. At least for now.
  2. Your happiness lies in your own hands
    Ow shit, you didn’t know? Nope, it’s not the responsibility of your partner nor anybody else. Moving abroad wont make you happy either. It may seem like it will solve all your problems, but it’s not. It’s actually fucking difficult. (Yes I said fucking)
  3. Don’t take life too seriously
    Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase.. Be more like Timon and Pumba some time. Why? Because you can. Duh. The question you should ask yourself is: Why wouldn’t you be silly and dance around naked in your kitchen from time to time? Come on, admit it, I know you want to!
  4. I’d rather be less ‘productive’ but fully connected instead
    How are you doing? “Good, busy busy busy!” We always feel like we have to do a million things a day to ‘be productive’. I’ve learned the oposite makes me way happier.
  5. I am not right, and you aren’t either
    Then who is? We tend to think that people who are different than us have it all wrong. Well, they probably don’t. And you probably don’t have it right either.
    What is right and wrong anyways? We just make it up as we go, and so does everybody else.
  6. Life is too precious to not be chasing what makes your soul smile
    It’s a classic, but it’s true. Life is so precious. Use it wisely. I’ve learned it the hard way, and though there are still days that it’s challenging, and life can feel overwhelming, this phrase serves as my compass.
  7. If it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist
    Damn. Says who? Me, the almighty Laura! Haha, yup, I’m finding myself hilarious.
    I bet you wonder what this is about.
  8. Being grateful is the best remedy for anything
    One of the best lessons. Being grateful. But it takes daily practice to get the benefits.
  9. Consistency is key to success, always.
    Sorry guys. There are no shortcuts in life. Everybody knows it, but nobody wants to believe it.
  10. Moving your body = Happiness
    In Colombia they’ve got the moves! I can assure you, moving your body equals happy people. I could prove it to you by posting a video of my friends dancing, but since they have worse footage of me, I’ll just prove this point to you using Tommy with his “salty beard”.


I hope this video made you happy!

In the upcoming weeks/months I will share these lessons with you one by one, with all the juicy details and gossip, so if there’s one you are curious about, let me know, and I’ll make sure to drop that one first!


Ps: Picture taken by Fabián Álvarez

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I am passionate about writing, connection (not wifi, the human one), discovering life to its full glory, and dancing my ass off to Champeta beats.

5 thoughts on “10 lessons I’ve learned living abroad

  1. I’m curious about! I want to read it one by one 😀. Lau, no es solo lo que te llevas de Colombia sino lo que dejaste acá. Te extrañamos un montón, nos enseñaste un montón de cosas y siempre decimos (Laura tenía esto bajo control, o Laura le daba un toque diferente…etc). Espero verte pronto!!!


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