Quote of the Week – 7 okt


I chose this quote in line with my posts earlier this week. After I posted the article ‘About happiness, ignorance and life‘, I told a friend about walking around in La Boquilla after the hurricane and seeing all the destruction. He saw that the truths I’ve come to know, brought me down. And then he told me this:

You have to be careful with your curiosity, girl. The world is full of awful truths and there will come a point you will have to choose for ignorance in order to be happy and to find inner peace. Even though you can try to do something about it, you just can’t solve it all. And if you don’t choose for ignorance, you’ll risk becoming angry with the world.

Although I don’t really consider myself as extremely curious, I do have to admit I am really trying to understand this culture of Cartagena/Colombia and sometimes biting my tongue for not asking the Cartageneros inappropriate questions. And at times I feel like Cartagena is just too much for me.. there are so many contrasts and I can’t seem to find peace in them. Although I feel like I need to know more and not less to find peace, I guess he might have a point since he really lives this culture and knows way more than I do. But still, I feel now the need to be more curious, not less. And since I’m already ignorant sometimes, I’ll continue with trying to be more curious and less ignorant.. We’ll see how that goes!



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