two thousand seventeen


Happy New Year my dear friends and family!

I know, I am a bit late, but that’s okay because I was too busy celebrating love, friendship, family, Antwerp and Belgian food.

To say it in Michael Van Peel’s words: We survived 2016.

I don’t really like looking back because what’s done is done. But if I’d have to do it, then I guess now (while dreaming about the new year) would be a good moment.

2016 was a roller coaster for us. 
You know, that big one of which you think "Oh my god, this thing is huge, we just have to try it!"

But while you and your friend are standing in line, you're like "Did we actually think this through? Are we making a good decision here by getting into this little car? I mean is this thing even trustable? Maybe I should quickly google the death rates of this roller coaster."

And as you want to take your seat into the car, there is suddenly panic. People are running around and pushing each other. You get a dirty elbow in your eye and a punch below the belt. It hurts but your buddy pulls you into one of the cars and makes sure you're safe.

While measuring the damage the seatbelt is closed and you realize again you're on a roller coaster. There is no time for pain as excitement (or freight?) is taking over and you're thinking "Ok damn, this is it. There is no way back. Or this is going to be awesome, or we are going to die".

Then the thing takes off. It is rolling its way up to the very top of the roller coaster and as the park shrinks and starts to look like Playmobil, your excitement grows and as you reach the top you are both screaming "HELL YEAH, WE'RE ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!"

Then the car turns 90 degrees, face down, and your excitement is turned into cold sweat as you are suddenly falling towards the ground at 100 km/h. You're crying like a baby now "LET ME OUT!!" with your eyes closed. When you open your eyes the car is already slowing down and going up again. Then you turn your head aside and look at your friends face. He is throwing up his lunch. You hand him a tissue and realize that you're actually pretty fine and you start enjoying the view, the breeze, and the excitement. Then, the car turns for the 2nd time and goes full speed downhill. Fear strikes again but your friend takes your hand and screams: "THIS IS AWESOME!!"

By the time you step off, you and your buddy are laughing and crying at the same time because his lunch is now serving as your new hair conditioner and you don't know what the f* just happened. And as you return to breathe you look at each other and say:
"You are the best buddy in the world."

I don’t regret stepping into the big roller coaster. At all. But now we’ve had the experience, I think in 2017 we might try the other attractions in the park. I guess they will be exciting as well and maybe I don’t have to close my eyes at times so I can fully enjoy it. With my buddy next to me, without his lunch ending up in my hair. And maybe we can also have a stroll and go for ice cream. Yes. That would be great.

Hello 2017.
We are so ready for you.

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I am passionate about writing, connection (not wifi, the human one), discovering life to its full glory, and dancing my ass off to Champeta beats.

4 thoughts on “two thousand seventeen

  1. Hihi, ik lees dit nu pas! What a hell of a roller coaster! In 2017 een wandeling door het sprookjesbos? Ik denk het niet, er wacht nog wel een andere spannende attractie achter de hoek! Kuskus

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