Quote of the Week – 7 dec


In exactly 10 days, Mathias and I will step off the plane back in Belgium for the first time in 7,5 months (WAY TO LONG!). We are very, VERY, excited 😀

I can’t wait to go to the ‘Frituur’ and eat the best (!!) french fries in the world.. That are obviously not french but Belgian.

Side note: Are you also tired of these French always claiming everything (am I exaggerating)? Seriously, did you know the Croissant isn’t even French?! Not kidding, it’s Austrian, or Turkish, depending on which legend you like to believe, but certainly not French! And nor are the french fries.

Anyhow, besides all the ‘frietjes’ (I know my priorities), I’m also looking forward to hug all my friends and family to death and the hysterical crying that without a doubt will go with it. Yup, soft to the bone.

So I agree, “Home is wherever you leave everything you love and never question that it will be there when you return.” –  Except for Mathias, I am glad I took him with me. Or he took me with him..  (That’s how it went, right?)

What was it again that I hope will be exactly the same as I return?

*Frietjes (met tartaar)!!
*Strolling along the streets of my favorite town in the world (yes, Antwerp)
*Wearing long scarfs and oversized winter sweaters
*Feta cheese en cottage cheese
*Brunching with my girls
*Drinking coffee with my girls
*Lunching with my girls
*Sipping wine with my girls
*Dining with my girls
*(.. I guess you get the picture)
*& Other Stories (or just Antwerp shopping)
*Pistolets with preparé (sorry there is no translation for this)
*Driving to Ghent in the morning
*Hanging around at my dad’s
*Real nuts (here in Colombia they are always salty)
*Afterwork drinks on Friday in ‘De Zonnedans’
*Go to dinner at my mom’s, or Mathias’ mom
*Wearing boots (and socks!)
*Getting good service, anywhere
*Albert Heijn
*Running in the cold

I will have sooo much to do 😉
See you in ten daayyss!!!


This one was taken when we left on the 25th of April
This one was taken yesterday on the 6th of December – Counting down!

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